Steps to take screenshot on android

Sometime in the distant past, keeping in mind the end goal to take a screenshot on an Android telephone, you needed to introduce the Android engineer apparatuses. Nowadays, you can take screenshots on telephones running Android 4.0 or later with the press of several catches.


On most Android telephones, you can bring a screenshot by holding down the Sleep/wake catch and the volume-down catch all the while. Hold these catches down until your screen flashes.

The procedure varies on some telephone models, however. For instance, on Samsung’s Galaxy telephones—and select telephones from different producers that component a home catch—hold down the power catch and the home catch until the screen flashes, as presented previously. On the off chance that your Android telephone has a home catch, and if the standard Android strategy doesn’t work, then attempt this power-home catch mix. How to Take a Screenshots

To see your screenshot, go to the Gallery application, then search for the “Screenshot” collection. Tap it to open it, then tap the screenshot you took to view that screenshot. Press the Share catch—spoken to by a sideways V shape that interfaces three spots—to get at sharing alternatives, for example, informing and to screenshot on android